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What are LVL Lashes?

Everything You Need To Know About This Amazing Lash Treatment Now Available At Elanele Beauty Center.
Your beauty routine is about to get a whole lot easier, LVL stands for length, volume, and lift, this is literally what this treatment does.

What is an LVL Lash Lift?

The LVL Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes is a treatment that combines both an eye lash perm and an eye lash tint treatment. The best thing about it is that it enhances what you already have.
How does the LVL Lash Lift work?

Your lashes are covered in a special serum that straightens them from the root, which rather than actually straightening gives them that super curled look.
What do I look like during my Treatment?
This is what you look like… Don't be put off it isn't painful it just feels different but you soon get used to it.
How long does the LVL Lash Lift take?

Typically, our LVL Lash treatment lasts between 45 minutes to an hour and most of that time is spent waiting for things to develop, the serum, the dye.  Your eyes are shut the entire time, so you might actually find yourself falling asleep. This is not uncommon.
Do LVL Lashes hurt?

They don't hurt one bit. If at any point, you feel any irritation or itchiness, tell you therapist straight away.
How long do LVL lashes last?

If you take care of them properly, then LVL Lashes last up to 6-8 weeks.
LVL Lash Lift before and after:

If you don't believe any of the above surely, you'll believe our before and after photographs. These are all of Elanele Beauty Center existing clients that have had the Treatment carried out by our NOVEAU qualified Therapist Zoe Holmes.
These were taken right before and then literally straight after the treatment. These are not false lashes and we have not added individual or extended lashes. These are our the clients own natural lashes.

How do I look after LVL Lashes?

For 48 hours you're not allowed to get the area wet. This is worth knowing, as washing your hair can be tricky.
You're also not allowed to apply mascara for the first two days, although you won't want or need to, because your lashes will have never looked better. Following those initial days you shouldn't tug at your lashes when removing your eye makeup, press a cotton pad gently into the eye hold it then gently wipe away. This will keep your lashes looking better for longer.

Will LVL Lashes damage my natural lashes?

No because Nouveau Lashes products have been developed to be kind to you lashes.
Where can I get an LVL Lash Lift?

We obviously recommend you visit our very own Zoe who is really gentle, funny and above all a Qualified Noveau Lashes Therapist.
How much does an LVL Lash Lift cost?

LVL Lash Lift by Nouveau Lashes at Elanele Beauty Center is £46.00
If you're reading this and thinking “I actually prefer the natural lash look” well that's the beauty of this treatment, it is natural because it only accentuates what you've already have, turning your natural lashes into supernatural lashes.
The results really are amazing. So amazing, that you'll wonder how on earth you ever lived without this treatment.

Don't hold off, call now to arrange a free consultation and patch test.

We are waiting for your call; 01908 566565 Team Elanele

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Amazing results, "Natural Lashes to Super Natural Lashes"
Nice results from our Nouveau LVL lash treatment. This client has quite a heavy lash naturally but still achieved a good lift LVL is the perfect treatment for a get up & go busy lifestyle.